Thursday, 9 November 2017

Invitation to the Climate Change Provincial Public hearing.

 “Prevent dangerous anthropogenic interference with climate system

The South Durban Community Environmental Alliance (SDCEA) will be hosting Climate change provincial hearings on the 17th November 2017. This hearing will be running concurrent with the UNFCCC COP23 conference taking place in Bonn Germany. The theme for this year’s Conference of the Parties is ‘Prevent dangerous anthropogenic interference with climate system’. The world over is experiencing the most catrostophic climatic conditions ever seen for a long period of time. South Africa is not spared and has seen droughts with water shortages in parts of KZN and the Western Cape, Cyclones and massive storm damage we last witnessed in the late 80’s.

Those who bear the brunt of the changing conditions are not necessary the people responsible and yet suffer the most harm .The purpose of these hearings is to bring people together from all sectors of our society that are effected and affected by environmental injustice to give their own testimonies on the ongoing daily struggles they experience, To ensure that behind every climate crisis is a human face that can be seen and heard.
We will then deliberate  a discussions that must lead to a statement coming out of this hearings that we seek as a  possible solution on how we the world people need  a another world that is sustainable, cares about the  environment and puts its people first 

This statement will be sent to all media. We encourage members of the public and organisations to attend.

Date: 17 November 2017, Friday
Time: 8am – 3pm
Venue: St. Paul’s Church (opposite the Workshop)

Noluthando Mbeje
SDCEA environmental Project Officer

031 461 1991

Tuesday, 7 November 2017


On this day the residents of  Durban will remember Ken Saro Wiwa and nine other Ogoni’s by descending  on Shell & BP Refinery and Shell outlets throughout the area to call on the International Criminal Court in the HAGUE to proceed and hold those responsible for the murder of  the late Nigerian Environmentalist and human right activist and 9 other Ogoni’s’s that fought  for environmental justice in the Niger Delta against the brutal atrocities of the Nigerian regime and the complicity of the Shell Oil Company in their  hanging .

Twenty two years have passed since this ghastly deed was committed and Ken’s murder is a timely reminder of the work we do and why speaking truth to power is important and why our work as environmental and justice activist must continue and never be afraid to speak nor left to chance . Today throughout the world many environmental and social activist are facing challenges, whether these are death threats or even killed and silenced from repressive regimes.

Chemical emissions from the Shell & BP Industrial facility in South Durban have been daily concerns of the residents who are neighbours of this chemical and petro-chemical industry s. Communities live in fear not knowing when an explosion would take at these facilities resulting in them having sleepless nights and sleeping with one eye close. The Shell& BP Refinery is the biggest petro-chemical industry in South Durban and emits an enormous amount of chemicals into the air which their sleeping neighbours breathe, at all parts of the night. Numerous explosions and fires that have occurred over the years are a grim reminder of the danger to both people and property with no emergency evacuation plan accessible to the people on the fencline.

The South Durban Community Environmental Alliance (SDCEA) and the residents will remind SHELL & BP with a placard demonstration held outside the local refinery, Shell garages on Edwin Swales and Tara Road. The recent storm and cyclones we experienced in South Durban shows the importance of campaigning to reduce greenhouse gases (GHG) that emanate from sources within the Shell& BP refineries in South Africa. Our collaboration with the Nigerian civil society will strengthen our resolve to call on investors to divest in fossil fuel and invest the money in cleaner and sustainable energy initiatives like renewable.
The time is ripe as the statistics show that more people die from pollution related illnesses that tuberculosis and malaria. 

SHELL IS ON TRIAL 10th November 2017 start at 09:00am and ending at 12:00am

For more details please contact:

Bongani Mthembu C: 083 925 1440 or Desmond D'Sa [SDCEA Coordinator] C: 083 982 6939

Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Oil and Gas Exploration, bad news for our coastline and Marine Life

Oil and Gas exploration has been earmarked for the entire coastline of South Africa through operation Phakisa, a project launched by president Zuma, to use our oceans as a resource for offshore oil & gas drilling. This has the potential to produce petroleum along our coastline and create mess by producing other toxic substances including mercury, lead, arsenic and barium. These toxins are devastating for the health of fish, wildlife and the people who live and feed off of the coast.
The Oil and Gas activities start with seismic testing. Seismic surveys have been found to kill fish eggs and larvae and impair the hearing and health of fish, making them vulnerable to predators and leaving them unable to catch prey, find mates or communicate with each other. These disturbances disrupt important migratory patterns, pushing marine life away from their natural habitat. In addition, seismic surveys have been implicated in whale beaching and stranding incidents.
And this is only the beginning, if these tests come back positive and Oil deposits are found, offshore oil rigs will be erected and our oceans and its marine life will be at great risk to oil spills. This will spell disaster for those who eke a livelihood on the coast of South Africa. Therefore, we are calling for fishermen, bed and breakfast owners, small business owners, surfers, all those that have a love for the ocean and care for its marine life, to join us at our awareness meeting we will be holding in Scottburgh on the 14th of November 2017. 

The meeting will be hosted at Scottburgh Town Hall at 17:00.
Dr. Jennifer Olbers of Ezemvelo Wildlife will be presenting on the dangers and impacts seismic surveys have on the ocean and its marine life. Jennifer has been working closely with us to ensure this message is spread to as many coastal towns and communities as possible. Samuel Chademana the climate and energy campaign manager at f groundWork will also  present at the meeting on the challenges both people, mammal and business will face along the entire coastline  His talk  on the socio economic impacts of Oil and Gas exploration in the parts of Africa where it has caused destruction will very enlightening for everyone .
We urge all those who eke a livelihood from the coastline of Kwa Zulu Natal as well as those who have a love and respect for our ocean and its marine life to join us and listen to our message regarding the devastating impacts of oil and gas exploration. We are better united and nothing can proceed with speed if we are all involved to stop this destruction!

Date: 14 November 2017
Time: 17:00
Venue: Scottburgh Town Hall
Contact: Chadley Joseph – 031 461 1991/ Cell 0795011773 or

(SDCEA Project Officer) 

Monday, 30 October 2017


ESKOM wants to increase the electricity tariffs by 19.9%. Come to the NERSA public hearings to oppose these increases.

Date: 03 November 2017
Venue: Durban ICC
Time: 09:00am

For more information please contact :
Thando 031 4611991

Desmond D’Sa – 083 982 6939

Monday, 16 October 2017

Communities are called to rally against trucking!

We the South Durban Community Environmental Alliance (SDCEA) together with the communities of South Durban, Clairwood, Wentworth and Bluff will be hosting two trucking protests scheduled to take place on the 24th October and Saturday, 28th October 2017.

Quality Street and the Solomon Mahlangu thoroughfare are continuously infringed by hazardous heavy duty trucks. Residents have consistently complained about trucks blocking and causing havoc on our roads. These heavy duty trucks enter into a logistics depo’s situated all along these two locations bringing in goods from all over the country to be offloaded. Thus causing traffic to bottleneck, major damages to our roads, accidents, lawlessness and many lives have been lost. Trucking continues to pose severe risks to all road users; we urge all community members to join in the protest to express their disgruntlement currently experienced on our roads. Quality Street and Solomon Mahlangu are used by local motorists and pedestrians mostly school learners traveling from the different areas, posing great dangers to the safety of all road users’.

Our action is to highlight our concerns about this obstacle posed by trucks, their owners and their depos and its significant impacts on the lives of residents. Our safety needs to be made a priority! We refuse to compromise, be silent; we stand up and stand united to put an end to this chaos.

Tuesday, 24th October – Quality Street, Opposite the Caltex garage, 12- 2pm 
Saturday, 28th October – Corner of Solomon Mahlangu Drive and South Coast Road, 9am – 12pm

For more information please contact Shanice Firmin 031 461 1991 /